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"Ben was instrumental in helping me to achieve my goal of ACCA membership"

Richard Dalby
ACCA Member

“Ben is a brilliant tutor. I studied to become an ACCA member with Ben, who was instrumental at helping me achieve that goal. Not only did he guide me through Audit and Financial Management exams he also made it enjoyable to study due to his inclusive and energetic approach.

Ben was so good he inspired me to become a successful tutor at Kaplan which has had a hugely positive impact on my life.

Believe me, you would not want to miss out on one of his tutorials.”

"Ben challenged me to reach high standards and helped me to achieve my Gold medal"

Lauren Lockwood
ACCA Gold Medal Winner

“Ben is a tutor of outstanding ability. It is without doubt that his passion, knowledge and tutoring expertise contributed towards my ACCA success.

His lectures were engaging and his course materials were presented and delivered with clarity and patience. He took time to explain things, would always offer additional help and responded to emails in a timely manner. Ben was friendly, approachable and highly professional. He challenged me to reach exceptionally high standards and helped me to gain the confidence necessary to achieve my gold medal.”

"I passed first time because of Ben. His prescriptive approach to exam questions changed the way I answer them"

James Terry
ACCA Member

“Ben was my tutor for the December 2020 sitting, this resulted in a first time pass, with no problems, this is definitely a reflection on his teaching.

Ben’s kind nature makes it incredibly easily to approach him and his teaching style is engaging and proactive. I cannot highly commend Ben enough, and I can say with absolute certainty, that I would not be qualified today if it wasn’t for him.

The most memorable of my experiences with Ben was about 1 month away from the exam, which I was reliably failing the mocks, and was incredibly demoralized. He sat down and explained, on a level, that I was approaching the questions incorrectly, and that I should use a very prescriptive approach (which is great as this is exactly what I needed.) This boosted my confidence and I then went on to pass the final mock with high 60s and pass the exam. This is completely due to Ben. Thank you Ben!”

"Ben’s exam tips were extremely valuable, highlighting where students had fallen short in the past"

ACCA Finalist

“Ben was of great help for my accounting studies and I can whole heartedly recommend his services to other students preparing for such important professional exams.

His friendly and laid-back demeanour made it easy to ask questions, and was a calming influence during my revision.

His exam technique tips were extremely valuable, and often highlighted areas where students have fallen short in the past, necessary for avoiding typical exam failure practices. 

As well as the technical knowledge that Ben conveyed, he was able to share vital time management skills which were pivotal for my advanced examinations.

Furthermore, he was able to offer a different perspective to the exam paper, from a marker’s view, to demonstrate what they would be looking for in order to pass a successful candidate.”

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