AAA Platinum Package

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ACCA AAA platinum Package Features

Tuition, Revision & Mock all in one

Kaplan Study Text

ACCA Approved material.

24/7 Support

Support from Ben by WhatsApp, phone and email.

Ben's focus notes

Helping you to memorise key facts.

HD Tuition Videos

Covering all topic areas in detail, making sure you really understand the key points. All videos are broken down into easy to navigate chapters, meaning you can focus on the areas you really need.

Exam Standard Questions (with video debriefs)

Ben demonstrates how to generate an answer plan, and how to turn it into a full written answer. Ben’s answers are concise and achievable in the time available (much more useful than the published model answers).

Weekly marked homework questions

Take advantage of Ben’s experience as an examiner and marker to get tailored feedback on how to improve.

Example videos

Guided tour of the resources available

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